Simple ways to attain a perfect skin

The issue of having a perfect skin has always been a serious concern. Imagine I woke up one morning to my mirror to see my face full of pimples and eczema. How would you feel if you were in my shoes. Very bad ,most probably. I am going to just give simple steps to get it done NATURALLY.

1.Exercise each morning- whether a gentle stroll or measured jogging can help you attain a perfect skin.And this is because your body undergoes metabolism causing the waste products to be removed which in turn rejuvenates you.

2.Early morning sunshine -Some many people do not believe in this myth.They think exposing yourself to the sunshine(not unnecessarily) quickens ageing. Well,that is true .But again,if you can only expose the areas that do not age easily(the legs and the hands),you can wisely gain the benefit of the sun.

3.Reduce Carb intake- Heavy carbs should be considerably reduced.Avoid junk foods because they will not help you in your skin regime.Avoid fried foods be it French fries etc .You can just take a slice of cake from time to time as they are better than any fried food

4.Detoxify your body- Drinking coconut water is believed to wash your liver and keep the whole body rejuvenated. Drink lemon water routinely(in the morning before you take any other thing or in the evening.Citrus fruit are very great for a healthy skin.Eat grapes,oranges and lime but do not eat them in excess because it has a side effect.

5.Wash your face every night before going to bed-Well,this seems pretty simple but most people do it the wrong way.You must use a cleanser when washing your face be it a liquid cleanser or a bar soap.I use a beauty soap called Dove white bar soap when washing my face.After this procedure,you can then apply coconut oil on your face with clean hands to avoid a dry skin.

6.Eat Raw Honey-Many people do not know the benefit of this rich substance.Your skin will be clear with glow when you constantly take this honey.You will never get digestion issues(Especially when it is eaten on an empty stomach) and you will not experience any health problem(At least not easily).You can make a good recipe by adding tumeric,black pepper,cinnamon to a hot water.When the water starts to boil,pour it in a cup and add raw honey.

7.Avoid bleaching cream or any body cream containing paraben- Have you thought about the effects of paraben on the skin or speaking on a serious note,in the nervous system?This ingredients is used in many skin care products to increase the life span(most probably a preservative).But sadly,the effects of this skin care ingredients cannot be overemphazied.Research states that this paraben_methyl paraben and propyl paraben is known to affect the nervous system.Again,hydroquonine is a very dangerous skin ingredients compared to the former.It is known to change the skin pigments by destroying the skin cells.Please if you are using any skin care products containing tha above-listed,you had better discontinue using them.Beans and other whole grain are good for the skin.Get it natural.Even nuts too and these are all cheap compared to the money you waste in buying all those expensive creams,lotions containing questionable chemicals.Almonds,walnuts are all good for the body.

Work on your inner self-For the outer self to glow,you probably need to work on your inner self.Are you having esteem issues?You feel inferior?Are you usually depressed unnecessarily?Are you constantly burdened about the way you look?Especially if you are fat or don’t have the facial features the society has made as standard.Forget all of it. If you can love yourself just the way you are,then there is doubt that you will fulfill your desire.

Always tell yourself that you are beautiful just the way you are and when you look in the beautiful,”I am wonderfully and fearfully made”.Smile always.Radiate the love from your inner self .Only then can you attain a perfect skin.

Mummy’s daughter(Abanoma)

Year produced-2011

Name of director-Frank rajah arase

Lead characters-Nadia buari,Van vicker,Jackie appiah

Genre-Romance and touching love.

The movie tells the story of a young girl by name,Anita (Nadia buari) faced with neglect and deprived love and her desire to sacrifice everything (her own love) to get total love from her family

Anita was an ambitious girl who landed a job on her first interview and coindentally Fred(the son of the owner of the company )fell in love with her but then she is willing to sacrifice all to her only half sister (who was crushing on Fred)in exchange for her dear step mother’s love who catered for her upon her mother’s death.

Mrs Bartel who so much loved her husband entangled her by rightly accusing her that she is trying to take everything that belongs to her sister,humiliating her further by making reference to her mother who destroyed her matrimonial home by stealing the heart of her so much loved husband.I think this is the climax of the story as other events starts to unfold.

I am going to rate this movie over 100.and gives my likes and dislikes.


1.The cinematography was quite good.

2.The plot was quite good(note-not intriguing, not excellent)though there was no suspense but it is still good as there are no questionable scenes and of course the story is quite believable.

3.The setting is not excellent, intriguing, very good but was quite good.

General likes-there was a great chemistry between the lead actors(Nadia buari and van Vickers).Both of them are just adorable with numerous romantic scenes well performed.The music was excellent (it portrayed every single event in the movie).The costumes were very good and that is pointing out to the wedding dresses.


1.Some scenes were clearly confusing(how can one deliver a jewelry gift and you don’t bother to tell them you received it).Whatever was being tried to portray,the twist vehemently failed.

2.Some of the actings in some scenes were quite poorly delivered but on a general note,the movie is generally good to watch.

To Canadians, Armenians,Americans, and the general Europeans, some African movies are nice to watch.They are available on the YouTube.So you can go and type the movie on the bar and it will be displayed(make sure it is the quality before watching,that can be changed in YouTube setting.

My rating-55/100

Nigerian authors.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

chimamanda picture at an event

Chimamanda is a notable writer who has attained laudable feet in the literary world.She writes short stories,novels,poems and is also a active feminist.Anyways,we are not focusing on her feministic ideologies,we are rather focusing on her works in the world of literature.

Her first critically accaimed novel titled purple hisbiscus brought her to limelight as she was awarded a commonwealth Writer’s prize as the best first book.Next in line,she wrote another prose work titled,”half of a yellow sun”, which explained in details about the nigerian civil war.She further wrote another novel titled,”Americanah” where she explain the travails of an african girl,Ifemelu who lives Nigeria to study abroad and her lover,Obinze who made her to feel a cement in her soul,seperated by distance.

She wrote a combination of twelve stories all compiled in one book titled,”The thing around your neck”.One of her most notable quotes is,”

Review of sweet sixteen.

Date last published- 2018

Name of the author- Bolaji abdullahi

Genre- Child discipline/Socialization(mainly),love fantasy(scarcely)

Name of publishers- Masobe books.

Well,Sweet sixteen is an intriguing book.It was not evident for one to kn ow whether it was work of fiction or not.Well,anyways the story was elegantly told with the interjection of popular quotes,wise sayings and drawn out lines from poems.Mr. bolaji did quite a good job.

The story was set purely in african setting.Please have it in the back of your mind that this book has no suspense,not even a tinge of it.B ut that is not to say that the book is boring.Well,let me bring out the things i don’t like about the novel-

Someone may say that the story is pretty short and that they expected more from the writer and then….Well,you are right but whether an author penned down a short story or long story is not the criteria for the book critic.Here,we are only addressing every contents of the book.(nothing else).

One major thing that pulled me back in this novel is that the writer never mentioned the concise particular location that Aliya and her parents lived(that is the setting).It could have been more real…

Again,well it seems this is usual with every story,some of the characters did not last.Like Bobo who was said to have relocated to Ireland was never mentioned in the novel .I think this is the the only negative critic i have for the novel.

For all african students,this is a good novel with good characterization(the lead characters were thoroughly explained to give the reader a vivid picture of how they look) and a nice plot.

note-in plot i give nice,very good ,excellent depending on the grade.

So,Nigerians grab this story and are going to like because it is constructive(like it is teaching how a growing child should be nurtured to become a responsible person in the society).Happy reading.Support the writer by buying that book,it is not only for JAMB students.You can form the habit of reading.

Chapter 2.(Nkemakonam)


At the Igwe’s palace,the bcouncil of elders had met with the king on how the event was going to hold.Igwe Ezennia,popularly extolled as Igwe Nnanyelugo II was a man of great repute.Even in the adjoining village,many men and women knew him for his good charisma.But alas;the king was already aged;a resultant effect would be that the heir apparent will take up the mantle of leadership from him after his death.His son,Ahamefuna soon appeared.A young handsome man with a well-built b ody.The elders all nodded in satisfaction while he left the palace arena,leaving also with his mother.Ichie Amadi rose up briefly after they left,while rubbing his moustache with his hand and clearing his throat,he spoke,”As to the celebration of the new yam festival,we have organized that there will be a dancing competition by the umuada,display of some masqueade and a wrestling match.”In this case,it is going to be between us and the people from the neighbouring village,the people of Umudim.They are letting out their hand to us in contest for the championship,Ichie Amadi concluded”I see,Igwe Ezennia said,nodding his head.”Hope our men are ready?,he cautioned.’I believe they won’t fail us in this game,he said pointing to the ground andlaughing widely.

At an arena in the village,the leader of Nkem’s group was seen giving instructions on what will be worn and adorned on the D-day.”All the maidens of the great Eriri kingdom must wear their best wrapper,dancing beads and horsetail”.”And then the uli body paint will be done by Ginika and Nkemakonam.”This,we will do tomorrow morning when we gather together”.

Not quite long afterwards,they were dismissed.Nkem,on turning to leave,someone from behind closed her eyes tightly.Nkem started to kick the ground,”You think i don’t it is you,Mgbeke’.’You are wrong and i am not going to remove my hand until you say please.She hesitated for a while.’You think i will beg you?Okay,fine.Can you remove my hand from my eye,she said finally.Mgbeke slowly removed her hands from her captive.”You think i meant what i said,By the way,Where is Uzoma?asked Nkem.”We are not in the same dancing group.Besides,their leader has not yet released them,she paused and then looking blankly at nothing.”I wonder what kind of leader they even have,if it was me,I wll just leave the group quietly without wasting time,she said while hastening on realizing that Nkem was already far from her.

Adequate preparations have been made to ensure that the new yam festival was a huge success.The great day finally came around.All the men,women,children were all gathered in the village square.Maidens of the great kingdom looking resplendent in their gorgeous wrappers and the beads well adorned on their shining bodies.Little children darting their eyes in the opposite direction to get a glimpse of the royal family who are expected to approach the scene soon.Not quite long,they all assembled in their respective attires and so the people bowed to them in reverence.Igwe Ezennia gave them his few words while sitting down comfortably with his wife,Lolo Ojiugo,who sat on a stool by the left,the prince and the princess were on the right.Everyone was excited as the great event unfolded.Dancing troops graced the scene as they danced to the symphony of the music played by the men.A combination of the silt drum,talking drum,metal gong and ichaka which produced melodious music that entralled all the dancers.Nkem’s dance group was the last to put up an appearance.Ginika was their leader.One would obviously think that she had gone crazy because of the way she danced.Her voice was the loudest as the excited villagers watched her the most in the dance.

After the dancing event,a troup of masquerade approached the scene.The children knew all the names of each masquerade as they called out the name of any particular masquerade that graced the scene.Unlike the children,the men and women were fast becoming tiredbut became highly elated when the wrestling match commenced.They hailed Odogwu,the greatest fighter of the kingdom who had won all the championshipint he village as he approached the scene.His chest was thumping heavily.He was extravangly built.The wrestler from the neighbouring village,umudim,came forward and took his hand as a sign thatb he has accepted the challenge preceding the counsel given to him by his fellow villagers who also honoured the occasion.He had a small head and a big-sized body to go.All the villagers watched with anxiety as the men were slowly and menacingly moving towards each other.Unbelievably,Agbor jumped skillfully onto Odogwu,grabbing his shoulder,his leg twisted round Odogwu’s body.Angrily,Odogwu turned round and round and Agbor went up into the air ,crashing noisily onto the ground.The villagers were all stunned by the wrestler’s approach but in the mean time continued to edge Odogwu to finish him up.Agbor,on seeing that Odogwu was fast approaching him,cunningly grabbed his leg from the ground in a crouch position,trying to pull him down to the ground.Decisively,Odogwu stamped the other feet rigidly onto the ground backwardly to balance the force on his right leg.Gaining enough energy;he yelled out and pushed Agbor out of position.Everywhere became silent as everybody watched the intrigueing battle with total eagerness.Like a lamb,Agbor surrendered overpoweringly the moment Odogwu pulled him to the ground.Sounds of victory rented the air as the mighty men of Eriri kingdom held Odogwu up in the air circumventing the arena followed by little children who wanted to have a touch of him.

The new yam festival finally came to an end as the king gave thanks to the earth goddess,Ani for a bountiful harvest and also pouring out libations in general to the gods of the land.

Last chapter.(sweet sixteen)

This novel titled “Sweet sixteen” really flowed.You can see the writer mentioned where they all went differently after the shared story.The writer did a good job.

Here again,Mr. Bello entertained her daughter in her own room.You remember the novel titled,’Great expectation”.It was mentioned in this novel.Again,Aliya still ruminated on the told story as she asked her father whether such a thing was possible.Well,trust her father to give a convincing reply.

Aliya’s father told her that she can portray such character by wholly showing kindness even to those who have been unkind to you and putting that as a standard.

Well,it seems like hthater father only resuscitate a dead lion as the daughter’s mind raced through series of experiences she had in the time past both through a teacher and a student.In this case,her father was quite touched and aggravated with such an act by a teacher(according to the story she narrated to him.

HERE again,Mr. Bello said one of gandi’s popular quote to her daughter which says that,”nobody can hurt you without your permission”.He further stated that being thin-like,tall as a criteria for being a model were just clueless standard setup by the government.Here again,he mentioned Mohammed Ali’s quote.Her must love quotes,poems and wise sayings.

Because they are close to each other(like father like daughter),Aliya revealed her desire of being a head girl and being in that position to help other people by distributing nebulizers to the clinic to give to people who were in her condition(she was asthmatic).Such a nice girl following the foot steps of her father.When at last,her father left her,she made sincere prayers to her father.I believe this girl will grow up and make her parents proud of her and her parents living a long life because it is harsd to find such afather-)

Now do you still remember the current occupation of Aliya’s father-He works as a public relation agent that help poor people in Africa.

her mother- a nurse who read in a U.K university.

if you followed this blog fromt the beginning to the end,i am sure that you will do well in the novel part of J.A.M.B examination.Goodluck.

Chapter 6.(sweet sixteen)

do you remember Mr. Bello’s religion?He was a muslim,right.Again,do you still recall that Aliya was not able to finish the discussion she had with her father.So sorry for her.Her father left immediately the match was over even though Chelsea won the match(Whatever,i am a manchester united fan) .

Here they are again in the dining room as Aliya had woken up rather late and was anxious because she did not say her prayers on time which would put her into trouble(though lieing was the worst).What i noted in this novel is that the writer easily likes to plot it that their conversation(or rather the story itself)started from the dining table judging from the read chapters.Well,don’t know the reason though.

In this chapter ,Aliya pointed out that her motheer to have a man like her father as a husband on her verge to describe her mother’s behaviour and demeanour.

Aliya opened up again to her father,asking her whether all the muslims are going to hell.(She never misses achance,lol).In this conversation,Aliya’s mother was involved(Thank God,at last).Her father is just a wise man with the response he gave sharply to Aliya.

He said all those things said are just mere stereotypes and does not matter.He said it only matters when you react which fully confirms what the person said.He mentioned a popular man called Mohammed Ali who said that hating people because of their colour is totally wrong.

The benefits of technology was chipped in as pper to when Aliya quickly looked up the meaning of steoreotype in her mom’s phone.The wife and husband laughed it off that she was pretty lucky to be in this era,that during their own time they had to wait until they found the oxford dictionary or Micheal West.

Mr. Bello probably wanted to entertain as he said different facts to counter the stereotypes and told her she could probably change the mindset of those people and that some of them are actually bad but are just like that because of the environment they found themselves.

To round off their discussion,Mr Bello told her wife and Aliya a brief story about slave trade(i think it is a formulated story rather than a real story).It was a touching as he demanded their answers to the critical questions extracted from the story.

1.Who is the man that Mr bello mentioned to constrast the point reasoned about muslims being deliberate killers

(a) Adolph Hiltler

(b) Boko Haram

(c) MIchael west

(d0 Kabril gilihan

Chapter 5.

Aliya’s father,Mr. Bello is a die hard football fan of Chelsea club.He rested for a bit waiting for when the scheduled match will kick off on TV but then,Aliya will never leave her father alone for one bit.(Lol).She always has a new question to ask him.

Aliya only wanted to discuss with her father about the idea of dating but his father only wanted to pretend.On the course of her Dddy’s rejection of the whole idea,Aliya only exposed herself the more.

She said about many abbreviations with the meaning which her father seem not to know..Her father became surprised as he bluntly told Aliya she is still to know what that kind of relationship entails.He curtailed her by saying the relationship she was trying into was preruled by infactuation.

He used his classmate,Bobo to butress his points further(Though i still wonder whether Aliya liked this Bobo guy very much or was only pretending).He explained to her that such relationship at such age will only distract them from their studies as their heart is still tender (to hand the shortcomings,the storms etc. in such relationship)

He gave a powerful more examples by saying that Cars,big houses,expensive jewelry,wrist watches,girlfriends,drugs,alcohol,designer clothing are all naturally attractive and desirable but that they come with huge price tag which could rip off someone’s self respect,intergrity,career and even life itself.

Aliya enjoys chatting with herself that makes her to forget the thought of eating any food even if she was very hungry.A while later,her father settled properly to watch the match while Aliya left when she heard her calling her name(her mother felt concerned that she has not eaten anything)

  1. What do you think could the reason why Aliya liked the Chelsea football team just like her father?

Note- i am not going to answer that the report your answer on the comment section and i would give a reply

Chapter 4.

In the chapter 4,the writer of the novel described the sitting of the family.The novel further portrayed Aliya’s father as a traveller who took pics with people and notable people to any particular he travels to.

Mr. Bello could further be summarized as a great traveller as all the record of the pics he took or snapped were preserved in the sitting room cabinet and also compared to many times that Aliya and her mother had travelled.

Here again,they were in the dining room eating a simple breakfast of akara balls,bread and a bottle of coke.Here,Aliya’s parent’s background was portrayed throught the way they ate their breakfast.Mr. Bello ate like a village man stuffing the akara balls into the bread while the mother ate like a city,decisively insulting her husband(somehow i felt she only pretended.she probably would have done such a thing but just wants to pretend.I mean,Who does not stuff their akara balls into their bread?E dey sweet,lol)

Aliya did not understand some parts of the letter written by her father as she mentioned to her father to explain to her what he meant by Gandhi’s test?From all the indications,Aliya’s father was only trying to tell her to imbibe good morals no matter what and if she is not certain whether she was doing the right thing,that she should let other persons to know about it .heartily(Gandhi test).

He further gave her examples to back up his view and likewise told her that anybody that was doing the wrong thing and does not mind telling another person is an animal.Aliya laughed it off

However,he told him that the particular society where one find himself/herself can be controversial to the issue.and even personal opinion.


  1. who is Mahatma Gandhi?(a) the first prime minister of India (b)the present president of India (c) a wise man (b) the man that fought for india’s indepedence.

summary 3.

From this novel,one can find out Aliya’s father is usually a busy man.Do you recall in chapter 2 where he wished he had more time to talk with her daughter when he gained admission in JSS1.

Anyways,many young people always have the opportunity to sit and talk with their father on daily basis but according to the novel,Aliya was a different case.She only got the chance to speak with her father a week after she returned from school.

In this chapter,one would find out that Aliya’s father was a man of standard ranging from the way his tea was made(imagine that the beverage,milk and sugar has to be in the right quantity,lol) and down to how prayers were said at their home.

about her career prospects(this girl never misses any chance to speak with her father,lol).Aliya seems not to be kind of girl that has limited visions.One could say she does something or follows something because of inspiration or advice.She said conclusively to her father that she recently wanted to be a lawyer.Her father was not interested in the story she bore.He was interested in a success or failure theory as Aliya fetched her results for him to go through it.Aliya’s father congratulated her and then gave her the long awaited chance to speak with him(i mean,common,the man is a busy man,you would even answered calls between their discussions)

Her father spoke extensively on passion in choosing a career prospects and how the dreams of parents should not be impounded on a child.In other words,he said a growing child should chase his own dreams.He cited many proverbs from books he read to make her understand better.

From the novel too,One can find out that Mr. Bello was a lover of books and had a great deal of them.His father further told that nobody knows everything and that he was able to teach and admonish her because of the knowledge he got from books.He pointed out notable persons like Albert Eistein,Kahlil Gib-ran in the admonition.The notable quote he said should be,”you may strive to be like them but seek not to make them like you’ 

Now to questions-

  1. What do you think could be the reason Aliya’s father said this”is that way of solving your Chemistry problem(A) He felt his daughter was being burdened by unnecessary things (b) Aliya wanted to put into troubles by saying all those things (c)He doesn’t want Mrs Bello to hear what she was going to say (d) He felt the main determinant at that was her success/failure and therefore Aliya needed to show him her result.
  2. make a good attempt.Good-luck in your J.A.M.B examination

summary of sweet sixteen


The chapter 2 goes forward to explain in details what was contained in the letter.Though the written letter was not penned down for the readers but then,In this chapter,one can find out that Aliya had a good memory as she vividly remembered the past experience.

As contained in the letter,Mr. Bello invited Aliya to join him for a casual drive.Aliya never knew that her father took her out so that she could have a very good avenue to talk to her dad like father and daughter as Aliya has always been thinking that the discussions she had with him at home were just random.

Her father bought an ice cream for her and slowly crept into having a meaniful discussion with her.He had quite an expicilit discussion with about sex and the need for every young person to desist from anything related to it.But wait…oooo?Do you know the reason why the conversation flowed?Well,let us just say that Aliya was quite open and sincere.She told her father her experiences and everything she knows about the topic they discussed unlike some kids that will dish out lies immediately when something about sex is being mentioned in total pretence,lol.

He further told Aliya to be careful of the kind of company she keeps and that she should not allow anybody to touch her in the private part(i think this is main thing that the father wanted to tell her in the course of their journey).Though Aliya’s mother didn’t like the idea of her husband telling Aliya such things at such tender age but then,aliya’s father never relented in doing so.Such a great father.

Now to questions
1.What is the name of restaurant that Aliya’s father dropped by to buy something from? Answer-  Aunty Gigis (you know that,pretty simple)

2. who was the owner of the magazine titled “cosmopolitan’?

(a) Mrs Salako

(b) Auntie Molara

(c) Mr. Sogo

(d) Aliya’s father

this is simple too.

3. What do you think could be the reason why the mother told her her daughter that she will get pregnant if she touches a man according to what Aliya told her father?

(a) because she wanted her daughter never to get married

(b) because she wanted

her daughter to remain single and barren for her lifetime.

(c) because she wants her daughter to be wary of men and consequently be afraid of them because they are dangerous.

(d) because that is a natural process

(e) none of the above
This needs a critical thinking.Make an attempt.